Yes, you've chosen the right place! If you're feeling a tug of war within your heart & mind, you feel heavy from emotional stress, stuck and confused. Fall into S.E.L.F. Goddess to live the life you love!


"Determination directs the path to your destination if you remain steadfast in your decisions."

Nichole Abney

Energy Healing Services

Energy healing is a holistic practice that activates the body's subtle energy systems to remove blocks. By breaking through these energetic blocks, the body's inherent ability to heal itself is stimulated.

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Wedding Services

Wedding Services

We perform Interfaith and Non-denominational wedding ceremonies. Our services are designed to cater to your personalized touch, taste, and creativity.

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12 Week Fall Into S.E.L.F. Challenge

Offering Online Sessions & In Person Sessions

Starting November 2017

You will begin your journey to increase wholeness, balance, health, wellness, and well being for 12 weeks.

This program is designed to assist you:

Into transcending and shifting into the life you desire.

Address balance in the mental, emotional, physical, & spiritual body that make up you.

Blockages you've committed to carrying.

Build that connection to God, universe, & your intuitive power.

Commit to losing that weight you just can't seem to let go of .

Heal past hurts, pains & wounds.

Discover a peace you never knew you could find. Finding YOU!

Black woman Goddess, you deserve love, freedom, peace, a fresh new start and a renewed spirit.

Your calling has been awaiting, your purpose is sitting out there for you to grab hold to & take your journey to the next level.... Are you ready for the challenge?

You deserve love, freedom, peace, a fresh new start and a renewed spirit. The time is now, you can do this Goddess! If your divine timing is now & your intuition is telling you it’s time then I’m ready to walk with you on your journey to wellness within & unleash your inner strength and creativity.

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PLEASE NOTE: Spiritual healing and energy work is not a substitute for traditional medical treatment. Information provided on this website is not designed to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. People with serious conditions should consult their doctor.